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Overall results of the project

The HELIOS project was a large and successful project in silicon photonics.

The development of building blocks led to results exceeding the original specifications and moreover positioning the laboratories at the leading edge of the state of the art in the field. Even if it has been challenging to assemble these buildings blocks to fabricate demonstrators as the technology was more complex, advanced transceivers have been obtained. Three different ways of integration the photonic devices with electronic devices on a wafer to wafer basis were pushed with some success. With the work on innovative devices, amorphous silicon modulator exhibited performances far beyond the original expectations. Even if lasing with Si nanocrystals has not been achieved, guided electroluminescence from slot waveguides and micro-ring resonators has been observed. CMOS-compatible 2.5D III-V/Si VCSELs were highly-efficient optically-pumped and lasing with electrical pumping will be soon demonstrated. Moreover experimental demonstration of optical coupling of these VCSEL with silicon micro-guides has been achieved.

You can download a pdf version of the project summary here

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Laurent Fulbert:

Jean-Marc Fedeli



imec Dries Van Thourhout dries.vanthourhout@imec.be

Ian O’Connor

Pierre Viktorovitch



III-V lab Guang-Hua DUAN guanghua.duan@3-5lab.fr
University of Surrey    
University of Southampton Graham Reed g.reed@soton.ac.uk
IMM/CNR Francesco Della Corte francesco.dellacorte@unirc.it
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Universidad politecnica de Valencia

Javier Martí

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Francisco López




Universita degli studi di Trento Lorenzo Pavesi tanya@science.unitn.it
University of Barcelona

Blas Garrido

Olivier Jambois



3S photonics Emmanuel Grard egrard@3Sphotonics.com
IHP Innovations for high performance microelectronics Lars Zimmermann Lzimmermann@ihp-microelectronics.com
Technische universitaet Berlin Lars Zimmermann lars.zimmermann@tu-berlin.de
Thales systemes aeroportes Stéphane Formont stephane.formont@fr.thalesgroup.com
DAS photonics Andreas Hakansson ahakansson@dasphotonics.com
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