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Public deliverables

Public deliverables available for downloading

Final summary of the project

Summary of the major outcomes of the project

D006 State of the art, second update

Updated version of D003 released in December 2009

D1203 2009 winter school on silicon photonics

This deliverable details the main data about the 5th Optoelectronics and Photonics Winter School “CMOS-Photonics 2009”, held in Fai della Paganella, Trento (Italy) March, 15-21 2009, organized and sponsored by HELIOS.

D101 First version of HELIOS road map.

This deliverable gives the first version of HELIOS roadmap. It focuses on the identification of different field of applications of Silicon Photonics on the analysis of pertinent product/Technology roadmap and on a first HELIOS roadmap crossing Helios Building Blocks development and products needed in the different field of applications identified.

D1202 – 2008 GFP conference

This deliverable details the main data about the 5th international conference on Group IV Photonics, which was held in Sorrento 17-19 september 2008.

D003 State of the art

This deliverable gives an overview of the recent achievements on silicon photonics devices related to the objectives of the HELIOS project. So, the focus is given on heterogeneous source, modulators, photodetectors, passives for communication applications, silicon photonics packaging, transceivers, and integration with electronic technologies.