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Silicon photonics course

The course aims to introduce and to prepare to the silicon photonics technology
The principal targets are students, researchers or engineers who are willing to get introduced to the field
This course is prepared for a semester on silicon photonics at the graduate/PhD student level
The course is free and will be regularly updated on an yearly basis
The length of the course is about 21 hours
It can be used in its totality or some extracts

We appreciate any comment at pavesi@science.unitn.it or http://www.heliosproject.eu/Contact-us

  1. Introduction to the course The HELIOS consortium
  2. Introduction to silicon photonicsLorenzo Pavesi
  3. Silicon Photonics Waveguides Graham Reed et al.
  4. Coupling to Small Silicon WaveguidesWim Bogaerts
  5. Passive Silicon Photonic DevicesDries Van Thourhout
  6. Silicon photonics resonant structuresPierre Viktorovitch
  7. Optical Modulators in Silicon Photonic CircuitsDelphine Marris-Morini et al.
  8. Optical sources in Silicon Photonics CircuitsBlas Garrido et al.
  9. Hybrid integration of III-V on siliconGunther Roelkens
  10. Optical Detection Technologies for Silicon PhotonicsLaurent Vivien et al.
  11. IntegrationJean Marc Fedeli
  12. PackagingLars Zimmerman
  13. Silicon Photonic ApplicationsSt├ęphane Formont