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HELIOS at SPIE Photonics Europe

4 invited talks and 1 poster will be presented by HELIOS partners during this conference

  1. "Carrier depletion based silicon optical modulators", by D. Marris-Morini et al.
  2. "III-V sources on silicon" by D. Van Thourhout
  3. "Silicon-based light sources" by O. Anopchenko
  4. "Silicon photonics integration with electronic circuit" by JM Fedeli
  5. "A 10Gb/s transimpedance amplifier for hybrid integration of a Ge PIN waveguide photodiode" by A. Polzer et al.

A special session on European projects in silicon photonics will be organized on Tuesday 13 April within the conference 7719 "Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits". The HELIOS project will be presented by Jean-Marc Fedeli, project manager.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet the main European players in the this field!

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