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First HELIOS Winter School

The first HELIOS Winter School was organized in Trento with 50 participants and 20 speakers

The 5th Optoelectronics and Photonics Winter School “CMOS-Photonics 2009”, held in Fai della Paganella, Trento (Italy) on March 15-21 2009, was organized and sponsored by HELIOS.

High quality teachers were selected to give an overall view of the different topics about CMOS Photonics. Speakers have been chosen among the best researchers in the respective fields. Particular care has been paid by the Scientific Committee in looking for brilliant researchers but also good teachers. Among the 20 speakers, 8 are within the HELIOS project, 6 from companies

Fifty (50) registered people attended the School. The interaction with the 20 speakers was good and the School was successful from all sides.The success of the School has to be attributed to:

  • the high quality of the speakers and to their kindness towards the students
  • the high scientific and human level of the participants
  • the nice weather and lovely place
  • the "social sessions" (i.e. welcome party and wine tasting)

Some numbers relative to the School:

  • 50 participants and 20 speakers attended the School
  • about 17 topics/classes and 4 special lectures on the main building blocks of CMOS Photonics were delivered during the week
  • 55 Keuro of financial budget (21 Keuro from sponsors and the rest from registration fees)
  • 1 poster session with 42 posters
  • 1 practical session on design and simulation

Student prizes (half of the registration fee)

the best 3 posters

  • E. Gatti (Italy), A. Fucikova (Czech Republic) and S. Trébaol (France)

5 travel grants

  • M. Rosales (France), K. Zidek (Czech Republic), A. Samarelli (UK), A. Khanna (Finland) and S. Rao (Italy)

6 most active students:

  • G. Piccolo (NED), L. Alloatti (Germany), A. Khanna (Finland), S.K. Selvaraja (Belgium), P. Pintus (Italy), and K. Zidek (Czech Republic)