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Find here industry and research news relating to silicon photonics

05/03/2012: CEA-Leti and III-V Lab demonstrate a fully integrated silicon photonics transmitter

01/03/2012: Kotura Unveils Low-Power 100 Gb/s Optical Engine

01/03/2012: Luxtera, ST in deal to take silicon photonics mainstream

28/02/2012: Cisco to acquire Lightwire

28/02/2012: Kaiam Corporation Demonstrates 100Gb/s DWDM CFP Transceiver

22/02/2012: Luxtera delivers ‘millionth’ silicon CMOS photonics chip

26/01/2012: Huawei bolsters R&D with acquisition of CIP Technologies

26/01/2012: Imec, Genalyte report disposable silicon photonics biosensor chips

24/01/2012: Luxtera Opens Industry Leading Silicon CMOS Photonic Process to OpSIS Community

29/11/2011: Aurrion Wins $13.9M Contract to Advance Electronic-Photonic Integration

11/11/2011: European researchers demonstrate reliability of VCSEL vertical laser devices at 40 Gbit/s

08/11/2011: Luxtera Delivers World’s First Single Chip 100Gbps Integrated Opto-Electronic Transceiver

08/11/2011: IEEE to define 25 Gbit optical interfaces

29/09/2011: NeoPhotonics Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Santur Corporation

6/09/2011: Ericsson, NSN invest in optical chip startup Skorpios Technologies inc.

05/08/2011: A Guiding Light for Silicon Photonics

19/05/2011: UAlbany NanoCollege - APIC collaboration will integrate optics and electronics

28/04/2011: Intel prepping 50Gbps Thunderbolt sequel for 2015

29/03/2011: ALTERA announced plans for optically interconnected programmable devices

07/03/2011: Luxtera Announces New Silicon CMOS Photonics Based Optical Engine

07/03/2011: Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Thales and CEA-Leti join forces

06/02/2011: Engineers grow nanolasers on silicon

01/02/2011: Univ Washington starting silicon photonics foundry service

25/01/2011: Imec launches new research program on high-bandwidth optical I/O

12/01/2011: Light Peak goes dark as Intel chooses copper

11/01/2011: Luxtera Exits Active Optical Cables

01/12/2010: IBM debuts CMOS silicon nanophotonics

16/11/2010: Luxtera’s Silicon Photonics Technology Enables 100Gbps Data Center Interconnects

01/10/2010: Leti demonstrates the integration of CMOS-compatible plasmonic optical waveguides with silicon photonic devices

27/09/2010: Photonic Integration for Coherent Optics Project Receives Funding from DARPA

24/09/2010: UGent, IMEC launch photonics spin-off Caliopa

27/07/2010: Intel demos 50-Gbit/s silicon optics

20/07/2010: Ten European silicon photonics research teams to coordinate technology transfer, training and education

13/05/2010: New Report on Optical Interconnects Market, Sees $3.5 Billion Market Opportunity in 2015

12/04/2010: Demonstrationn of fully CMOS compatible laser in the frame of WADIMOS projet

18/03/2010: Kotura Announces Industry’s First Silicon Photonics Mux/DeMux for ½ Terabit/s Transmission

17/03/2010: European project SOFI on Extremely Fast and Energy-Efficient Chips for Telecommunication

16/03/2010: Luxtera's 40G Optical Blazar Interconnects NOAA Data Center

03/03/2010: IBM Announces Device for On-Chip Silicon Photonics

10/02/2010: High-Performance Microring Resonators developped

04/02/2010: Germanium Laser Breakthrough Brings Optical Computing Closer

02/02/2010: Kotura Announces Technology Breakthrough in Low Voltage, High Speed Silicon Photonic Modulator
27/01/2010: Creating optical memories from whispers in InP disk lasers on SOI

18/01/2010: HELIOS consortium advances research in CMOS photonics

17/12/2009: The Photonics Research Group of Ghent University-IMEC has fabricated a world map on a scale of 1 trillionth

11/12/2009: Luxtera and Sun annonce ultra-low energy-per-bit transmitter

10/11/2009: Luxtera Transforms Optical Industry with Launch of First Single Chip Transceiver for Motherboard Deployment

07/10/2009: MarketsandMarkets Publishes Silicon Photonics Market Research Report

23/09/2009: Intel unveils Light Peak 10Gbps optical interconnect for mobile devices

18/09/2009: NeoPhotonics Announces General Availability and Volume Shipment Of Coherent Mixers For 40 and 100 Gbps Receivers

14/09/2009: GigOptix $5M Federal Funding for an On-Chip Polymer Modulator

17/08/2009: 'Spaser' development enables laser/chip integration

07/08/2009: Santur Selects Kotura For 100 Gb/s Platform