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Commissariat à l'energie atomique

Overall presentation

CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) is a French Governmental Research Organisation (15000 employees) devoted to both fundamental and industrial R&D. CEA-LETI is one of the major European research centres for applied electronics. More than 85% of its activity is dedicated to research finalised with external partners. Nearly 1,600 men and women are serving innovation and the transfer of technology in key domains. As the preferred contact of the industrial world, CEA-LETI has sparked the creation of nearly thirty high-technology start-ups, including Soitec, world leader in silicon on insulator

CEA-Leti is located in Grenoble where it benefits from 11000 m² state-of-the-art clean rooms, up to 300 mm wafer size, with equipment worth some 200 M€ (40 M€ are invested each year to maintain the equipment park). The yearly CEA-Leti budget was 174 M€ in 2006. Léti is one of the main groups behind Minatec, Europe’s main Centre of Excellence in Micro- and Nano-technology, that brings together more than 4,000 research, industry and education partners in Grenoble. CEA-LETI benefits from platforms within Minatec which group expertise and resources found nowhere else in Europe, such as the 300 mm silicon technology platform, the 200 mm microelectronics platform, the 200 mm MEMS200 microsystems platform, the nanocharacterisation platform, the Upstream platform and the Design platform.

Activities within HELIOS

“Photonics on CMOS” is one the emerging programs with already important achievements obtained with French laboratories under French Research minister contracts. CEA/LETI was involved in the IST project PICMOS. CEA will use the 200mm fabrication facility for the fabrication of all the devices.

CEA-LETI will be the HELIOS project leader, i.e. it will: drive project and ensure the respect of the timing, the milestones and deliverables.

CEA-LETI is involved in the development of major building blocks (sources, modulators, detectors), process integration, fabrication of demonstrators.

Further information

For further information about HELIOS, please contact:

Laurent Fulbert: +33 438 78 38 45 (laurent.fulbert[at]cea.fr)

Jean-Marc Fedeli: +33 438 78 68 79 (jean-marc.fedeli[at]cea.fr)

CEA-LETI website : www.leti.fr

CEA website: www.cea.fr

Ge vertical PIN photodetectors Ge vertical PIN photodetectors
III-V/Si Fabry-perot laser: 6mW DC at room temperature III-V/Si Fabry-perot laser: 6mW DC at room temperature