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Overall presentation

Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon (INL) is a Joint Research Unit (UMR5270) between the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL), Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA-Lyon) and Université Claude Bernard Lyon1 (UCBL).

The staff of INL/CNRS amounts around 200 peoples. The research domains of INL include Electronic and Photonic Materials, Electronics, Optoelectronic, Photonic and Microsystems devices, Design Technology and Biotechnology. INL has in-house facilities for semiconductor material MBE-growth and fully equipped clean room device fabrication facilities. A wide range of optical characterisation techniques and optical modelling are available.

In the field of Microphotonics, INL/CNRS has been the promoter in Europe of 2D Photonic Crystals formed in InP based membranes (suspended in air or bonded onto low index substrates). INL has worked extensively on multi-domain behavioural modelling and synthesis, specifically for optical interconnect. INL is involved in or leading several national research programs on integrated point-to-point links and using WDM as novel and efficient means of transporting data on chip. INL is actively contributing to national and Europeans programs in the fields of optical interconnect and hybridization of active III-V micro-source lasers and photodetectors with passive silicon waveguide routing circuits.

Activities within HELIOS

WP4: design and characterization of I/O couplers.
WP7: development of design libraries for the integration of photonics on CMOS (Design methodology and flow, Hierarchical behavioural modelling and simulation).
WP11: work-package leader; demonstration of novel concepts of III-V / silicon heterogeneous integration.

Further information

Ian O’Connor: +33 4 72 18 60 54 ( Ian.Oconnor[at]ec-lyon.fr )
Pierre Viktorovitch: +33 4 72 18 60 66( Pierre.Viktorovitch[at]ec-lyon.fr )
CNRS-INL website: http://leom.ec-lyon.fr/

2D Photonic Crystal InP membrane suspended on top of an air gap-semiconducteur DBR 2D Photonic Crystal InP membrane suspended on top of an air gap-semiconducteur DBR