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Overall presentation

DAS is a spin-off company from the Valencia Nanophotonics Technology Centre (NTC, Polytechnic University of Valencia), focused on the development of innovative value-adding products based on our proprietary photonics technology. Our main sectors of activity are defence and security, avionics, space and telecom.
DAS products are oriented towards highly specialised applications in our target markets, with requirements that go beyond the technological limits of conventional electronic systems, and where photonics technology enable to reach these necessities offering solutions with high added value for our customers.
Our activity is mainly driven in two directions:
- Design and fabrication of photonic chips based on proprietary Silicon Photonics technology (500m2 class 10-100-10.000 clean room facilities).
- Broadband Access Solutions: System integration and product development using our own integrated circuits as well as commercially-available devices in the fields of microwave photonics (radio-over-fibre for broadband access networks), optical networks, all-optical signal processing, etc. DAS is developing wireless/wired broadband access niche products.

Activities within HELIOS

DAS PHOTONICS role in HELIOS comes from a double side. First, contributing in the design, integration and validation of the Silicon Photonics Vector Modulator architecture at system level, including trial tests and the coordination of the WP10. Second, collaboratively developing the business models, product roadmapping and exploitation plans that arise from the conducted research.

Further information

For further information about HELIOS, please contact:
Andreas Hakansson: ahakansson[at]dasphotonics.com
David Zorrilla : dzorrilla[at]dasphotonics.com
DAS PHOTONICS website: www.dasphotonics.com
DAS PHOTONICS phone: +34 963556150

DAS photonics
DAS photonics
DAS photonics