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PhoeniX BV

Overall presentation

PhoeniX Software is an independent, privately owned Dutch high-tech company, which develops, sells and supports world-class software solutions for the micro and nano technology marketplace. Founded in 2003 the profitable company currently supports more than 120 companies and research institutes worldwide with its professional tools. Based on the expertise of experienced and highly skilled numerical and integrated optics engineers state of the art photonics software tools, like thermal- and electro optical effect field calculators, beam propagation simulators and parametric mask design tools, are being developed. PhoeniX Software has a proven track record in national and European research projects (DRIESO, PI-Oxide, MEMSland, MEMPHIS, Apache, Helios, Pythia) and plays an important role in the European community with respect to the integration of tools and technologies.Typical products include software for mask lay-out and process flow visualisation (MaskEngineer, CleWin and FlowDesigner), software for photonics simulations (OptoDesigner, FieldDesigner and Aspic) and the leading manufacturing execution system dedicated to the industry: the Living Database.

Activities within HELIOS

PhoeniX's vision is that integrated optics and photonics engineering require an integrated design and fabrication work flow. Relating all relevant information from product design, process development, manufacturing and measurement is the key to successful research, development and manufacturing of new structures, devices and systems. Within HELIOS PhoeniX will act as design and simulation tool provider to Workpackage 7. It will develop dedicated software and integrate with existing tools of other partners in the project. Focus is on realizing the design flow from the system level description down to the component level and aggregate data back up.

Further information

PhoeniX Software - The Netherlands

www.phoenixbv.com , +31 53 4836460

For further information, please contact:

Arjen Bakker (arjen.bakker[at]phoenixbv.com)

Niels Olij (niels.olij[at]phoenixbv.com)

PhoeniX BV
PhoeniX BV