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Overall presentation

Photline Technologies is a privately owned company created in September 2000. Photline, specialized in optoelectronic components, is a leader in the field of ultra fast optical modulators.
Photline brings its expertise in technology and optics to offer innovating solutions for optical modulation in high performances optical communications fiber systems based on lithium niobate integrated optics technology.
Photline develops and produces optical modulators. Phase, intensity or QPSK modulators digital and analogue RF drivers are produced for applications at wavelength ranging from 850nm to 1550nm. The emerging markets addressed are: Defense & AerospaceSpace, Sensors & Instrumentation, Telecommunications, Research & Science, Industrial fiber lasers
Photline also offers the key accessories necessary for their efficient use in analog, digital, or pulsed system configurations. The bias controller (MBC) electronic board is the solution to monitor and control the modulator (Mach-Zehnder type). All these devices are also proposed in an integrated subsystem configuration as turn-key instruments (ModBox)
3M Euros have been invested for more than 6 years to deploy the whole equipments necessary for this optical device foundry and production capacity. Photline works in its own clean room (class 10-100-1000, surface 6,000 sqr ft for the wafer fabrication, the chip characterizations and the components assembly. (TELCORDIA and MIL-STD)

Activities within HELIOS

In WP6 led bu TUB, Photline as a partner will participate to the definition and design of assembly and packaging of silicon modulator demonstrator. Photline will report on the requirements from the industrial point of view. Two different approaches will be studied in particular for the fiber to waveguide coupling, by butt coupling on inverted taper waveguides or by coupling by gratings. Photline will be in charge of the evaluation of the packaged devices and their compliance with telecom applications in particular. Photine will lead the WP8 dealing with the demonstrator of modulator on Si-Ge at 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s.

Further information

PHOTLINE Technologies
16 Rue Auguste Jouchoux, F-25000 Besançon
Tel : 33(0) 381 853 180 - Fax : 33(0) 381 811 557
Email : contact[at]photline.com

Photline Technologies
Photline Technologies
Photline Technologies