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Thales systemes aeroportes SA

Overall presentation

The Thales Aerospace Division is N°1 in Europe and N° 3 worldwide and provides all the capabilities demanded by its Customers from onboard equipment, sub-systems, systems, prime contracting and high value-added services, both in civil and military markets. Thales plays a pivotal role in many of today’s most ambitious aviation programs: A380, 7E7, A400M, etc. It has 12,900 employees (3,300 outside France), and has gathered the skills of more than 5000 engineers within an industrial and technological core that is unique in Europe, and benefits from this accumulated know-how for the design, development and manufacturing of electronic equipment, particularly mastering the following techniques and technologies: power electronics, antennas and radomes, microelectronics, analogue and microwave circuits, manufacturing technologies, information systems and digital data processing.
The activities of TSA in the field of optical links and microwave optics dates back from 20 years, and covered laser diodes design and fabrication, microwave distributed photodetectors, external LiNbO3 and MQW modulators, to list a few of the developments undergone. The main line of action of the company in this field today is concentrating on high performance analogue and digital optical links to be used with highly integrated T/R modules applicable to future active antennas. A specificity of the research undergone is the design and realization of optical links including driving circuits specifically designed for these links. The target is the realization and production of the smallest optically interfaced T/R modules, for which the CMOS based technology help drastically shrink both the dimensions of the modules and their electrical interconnection with the outside world, thereby easing their insertion in future conformal antennas.

Activities within HELIOS

TSA will participate in this project as a potential integrator of the developed technologies in its systems. Two departments are involved, the Microwave Photonics Laboratory (MPL) and the Telecom Research Lab. They will provide end-user requirements at the beginning of the project and participate in evaluating the developed components and functions

Further information

For further information about HELIOS, please contact:
Stéphane Formont: +33 134 81 31 03 (stephane.formont[at]fr.thalesgroup.com)
Christian Fourdin: +33 134 81 31 21 (christian.fourdin[at]fr.thalesgroup.com)
Thales website : http://www.thalesgroup.com/
Thales Aerospace division website: http://www.thalesgroup.com/