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Overall presentation

The activities at EME include: synthesis of materials and structures (semiconductors, dielectrics, thin and thick films, nanostructures); technology and devices (CMOS technology and devices, deposition, ion implantation, thick film technology, Si compatible optoelectronic and photonic devices); characterisation (structural, optical, surface analysis, electro-optical, electrical) of materials and devices; design, fabrication and test of sensors and actuators for advanced instrumentation; nanotechnology and nanodevices. Among the facilities of UB-EME include: 1) Raman, infrared and UV-VIS spectroscopies (conventional and FTIR); 2) Tools for surface and thin film analysis (XPS-UPS, SIMS, SEM); 3) Nanoscopic tools for fabrication and characterisation (AFM, FIB, NIL, Hot Embossing)); 4) Luminescence (PL, PLE, EL) time- and frequency- resolved; 5) Waveguide characterisation set-ups for losses and gain. It is associated to the National Microelectronics Center (CNM) and it has access to a complete BiCMOS line with 2 m design rule, especially devoted to microsystems and WGs.

Activities within HELIOS

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UB-EME is involved in WP11 and its main role in the HELIOS project is the development of Si-nc sources and amplifiers.

And the UB-EME specifics tasks into WP11 are:

  • Electrical behaviour study of test LED structures for bipolar and unipolar injection.
  • Design of new test devices with multilayered gate stacks and additional injection structures to achieve high EL.
  • Development of first injection laser.

Further information

For further information, please contact:
Blas Garrido: + 34 934 03 91 51 ( blas[at]el.ub.es )
Olivier Jambois: + 34 934 03 91 76 ( ojambois[at]el.ub.es )

Experimental setup for EL Experimental setup for EL
EFTEM imaging of the gate stack EFTEM imaging of the gate stack
Direct gate modulation of Si-nc's EL Direct gate modulation of Si-nc's EL