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Universite Paris-Sud

Overall presentation

IEF (Institute of Fundamental Electronics) is a joint research unit between CNRS and University Paris XI located at the scientific center of Orsay. The staff is composed of about 33 researchers, 52 professors and assistant-professors, 52 engineers, technicians and administrative staff, 70 PhD students, 20 non-permanent researchers including post-doctorate researchers, invited researchers, contractual staff, etc. UPS receives about 80 training students per year. The research carried out at UPS focuses on silicon-based nano-electronics (i), nanomagnetism and spin electronics (ii), micro-nanophotonics and optoelectronics either based on silicon or III-V semiconductors (iii), microsystems including their fabrication and characterization (iv), and autonomous systems and network systems. UPS is partner or coordinator of many regional (DIGITEO, SYSTEM@TIC, etc.), national (ANR, BTR, etc.), and international projects (European contracts: NoE, IP, STREP, EURYI, etc.). The increasing participation of UPS in these projects in recent years corresponds to the growing efforts on nanotechnologies and information sciences at the international scale.

Activities within HELIOS

UPS is involved in WP3, WP4, WP5, and WP12. UPS has a large experience in the design, fabrication and characterization of silicon-based passive and optoelectronic devices as optical modulators and photodetectors. The main breakthroughs are: Experimental demonstration of 10GHz Silicon optical modulator, 25GHz Ge on Si photodetectors, ultra-low loss slightly etched rib SOI waveguides, high Q-factor micro-ring, high efficient grating coupler, … These researches are at the state of the art at the international scale. Furthermore, UPS has a good experience on student training
UPS has at its disposal, various efficient software’s for numerical simulations of optical and optoelectronic devices (2D and 3D-FDTD, mode solver, propagation calculation) and several optical characterization benches for micro and nano-photonic devices (waveguides, couplers, beam splitters, WDM devices....) for wavelengths from 1.3 µm to 1.6 µm from cw up to 67GHz frequencies.

Further information

For further information about HELIOS, please contact:
Laurent Vivien: +33 (laurent.vivien[at]u-psud.fr)
UPS website: www.u-psud.fr/ief

Grating coupler Grating coupler
Ge waveguide photodetector Ge waveguide photodetector
Beam splitter Beam splitter