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Overall presentation

The Nanophotonics Technology Centre (NTC) at Valencia is a Silicon nanoPhotonics facility in Spain. The NTC has been created as the hub for scientific research, technological development and innovation (R+D+I) in the field of advanced optical technologies and photonic systems for telecommunications and computing. Its mission is to generate new knowledge in silicon nanophotonics as well as to bridge properly the science-to-industry gap by creating fabless companies around that benefits from such unique infrastructure . The NTC facility is hosted by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia at its Campus in Valencia city and supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology and the Valencian Regional Council.
The NTC facility includes a 500 sqm clean room (class 10-100) for 6- inches Si wafer processing. Available processes are: lithography (e-beam direct writers, coater, developer, aligner and DUV-line stepper), dielectric and polySi deposition, thickness measurement, sputtering, etch and chemical cleans, ICP-RIE, RTA and full FMA lab. Advanced optical characterisation and performance test is also available. Optical transmission laboratory at the NTC is equipped with 44 Gb/s PRBS/BER tester, 100 GHz Eye diagram tester, optical correlators, optical ps-pulsed sources, among others.

Activities within HELIOS

UPVLC is leader of WP4, where the main blocks of the passive ciruitry required for the HELIOS project will be developed. Furthermore, its work within this WP will also focus on the developmenet of coupling techniques to optical fibres and polarization diversity structures.
UPVLC also participates in WP3 and WP7. In WP3, slow wave and resonator structures will be developed to enhance the performance of the proposed modulator approaches. In WP7, UPVLC will contribute to the development of the photonic QAM modulator/demodulator demonstrator.

Further information

For further information about HELIOS, please contact:
Javier Martí : +34 96 387 97 84 (jmarti[at]ntc.upv.es)
Pablo Sanchis: +34 96 387 97 47 (pabsanki[at]ntc.upv.es)
Francisco López: +34 96 387 97 84 (lopezroyo[at]ntc.upv.es)
NTC website : www.ntc.upv.es
UPVLC website: www.upv.es

NTC facilities NTC facilities
1D Silicon corrugated waveguide 1D Silicon corrugated waveguide
V-groove based silicon coupling technique V-groove based silicon coupling technique