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Overall presentation

The Silicon Photonics Group at the University of Surrey currently has 12 members and has been active in the field since 1989. It is a part of the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) which comprises the following research centres and groups: Ion Beam Centre (UK national facility for implantation), Nano-electronics centre, Photonics Group and Theory and Advanced Computational Group. There are about 150 academics, researchers, PhD students and technical support staff (electronic engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists). The ATI is a research centre of the Electronics Department, one of only two electronic engineering departments in the UK rated 5*A in the last Research Assessment Exercise. The institute has the following facilities: Ion beam national facility, Microfabrication clean room, Nanofabrication labs, Silicon photonics and Femtosecond laser laboratories, and Supercomputer laboratory.
The silicon photonics group has produced a number of world leading results most notably in the fields of optical modulators, filters, couplers, switches etc. and has had a very successful collaborations with leading companies such as Intel, IBM, BAE Systems, Agilent, Bookham Technology etc.

Activities within HELIOS

The University of Surrey are leading the modulator work package within the HELIOS project. As work package leader they will be overseeing the design of the modulators ensuring the integratability of the designs into 3 demonstrator products whilst maintaining a high performance in modulation. As well as leading the work package they will undertake device design and simulation. They will also perform high speed testing of fabricated devices in their optical laboratory.

Further information

For further information about Surrey University, please contact:
Prof. Graham Reed: +44 1483 68 9122 (g.reed[at]surrey.ac.uk)
University of Surrey website: www.surrey.ac.uk
Advanced Technology Institute website: www.ati.surrey.ac.uk

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