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Project overview


Photonics is a rapidly growing sector in the global economy. Optical communications, optical storage, imaging, lighting, optical sensors or security are just a few examples. Even if photonics could bring improved characteristics to electronic components as low propagation losses, high bandwidth, wavelength multiplexing and immunity to electromagnetic noise, the high cost of photonic components and there assembly is a major obstacle to their deployment in most of application fields. Yet, just like in micro-electronics, many applications can be realized in a much more compact and cost-effective way by integrating the required functionality in a single chip.

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HELIOS will demonstrate different routes of integration of photonics with electronics and make available an integrated design and fabrication chain with standard and generic processes that could be transferred to foundries.

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Expected outcomes

HELIOS will tackle a range of hard tasks remaining to be completed for the deployment of CMOS photonics.

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